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A stable interest in drawing and painting and later also in handling with steel, stone and wood has attended Thomas Lehnigk since his childhood. So his ambition to create art awoke and has grown with big urge. At first he mainly designed chairs and other furniture, especially made of steel which he anyway prefers and never conceals. Meanwhile his objects serve a higher, own claim: form-finding for an idea, a message of his mental consideration of socio relevant topics. He favors creating a plain aesthetic, space-oriented emblematic purpose or the capturing of the human and animal body.

On the one side, his aim is to cause thought-provoking impulses in view of the mankind’s acting, which endangers ourselves and our nature. On the other side he wants to create sculptures and objects which are able to approve being in it´s beauty. This intent succeeded impressingly in his steel objects which he designed for the natural space outside and which involve light and fire in a very effective way.

But also Thomas Lehnigk’s sensitive and frugal elaborated visual metamorphoses made of bog-iron-stone (a stone that arised in Mecklenburg in the ice age) or the african yellow-wood-stone show his sculptural talents, which he released in a very remarkable way and in a short time.

Ulrich Rudolph - Art theorist