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1967 born in Ludwigslust

1983 qualified awardee „drawing“ – Schwerin

1984 high-school diploma

1987 apprenticeship certification and activitiy - telecommunication

1989 apprenticeship certification and activity - electrical fitting

1994 apprenticeship certification and activity - advertising graphic design

1998 starts to work as self-employed artist

2003 founding of CON3 (group of artists)

2004 admission to BBK – Mecklenburg Vorpommern - sculptor

2009 art awardee of Barlach city Güstrow

For the last 20 years I have been concerning myself with art and design. Inspired by drawing and photography I found the material which is the most beautiful for me. Steel.

So a wide range of designed and hand-forged furniture and accessory were produced in the last years.

It took not long until stone and bronze were quickly added to the materials I use for my sculptures. Beside the conventional sand- and limestones I discovered bog-iron-stone. Different from common stones this one has a chemical-biological origin and with its organic structure it is a challenge for me again and again.

People who want to visit me in my atelier can find it on a brick yard in a small village called Kummer, near Ludwigslust in Mecklenburg.